What kind of Gaming mouse do you want?

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If you like PC gaming, then you like good peripherals. And the mouse is the most important one probably, at least for me it is.

So how can you take comfort and performance to the next level? Just keep reading.

When you are playing online and against other players from the globe, you will definitely need the best gaming mouse there is in the industry. First of all, the perfect gaming mouse must have great speed and precision. These two qualities have been proven by the most expert players from around the world and having this kind of mouse will definitely make your gaming skills more powerful! These two main qualities differ greatly between a normal everyday mice compared to an extreme gaming mouse! The speed of a mouse is usually measured by the time between updates, as to its own state, to your very own PC, which is also called the response time. For the gaming mouse, it should be 1ms. The most important is precision and the precision of a true gaming mouse should be 3,500 dpi. If the mouse that you are using does not match the requirements above, then throw it out the window and go buy a new one!

There are different designs for the gaming mouse. You have the much smaller rounder mice which are intended to be used with your fingers and then you have the larger flatter and more ergonomic mice which are designed for you to rest the palm of your hand. If you are someone who wants to play games, then I would suggest the smaller mice for those who wish to play games that require precise control just like shooter games.


Razer DeathAdder: a personal favorite

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This is the mouse I currently use and I love it!

Razer always makes good quality stuff, they really dedicate themselves to gaming and the result is of course high quality, the DeathAdder is a bigger mouse on which you can rest your palm but you still have the control of a smaller gaming mouse.

Standard retail price: 67$


  • Ergonomic right-handed design with textured rubber side grips
  • 10,000dpi optical sensor
  • Chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Razer Synapse enabled
  • Five independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment
  • Always-on mode
  • Up to 300 inches per second*/50g acceleration
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Seven-foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable
  • Approximate size: 127mm/5” (Length) x 70mm/2.76” (Width) x 44mm/ 1.73” (Height)
  • Approximate weight: 105g/0.23lbs

The DeathAdder is a great choice or any Razer product for that matter if you like to keep track of your stasts and performance since Razer offers with all their products the Razer Synapse software which keeps track of all the actions you perform with either your mouse or keyboard with things like the heat map which tells you where did most of the clicking happened during a game.


The Logitech G500: A classic.

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So, I call it a classic  because it has been many people’s first mouse, well, not the gaming one but it’s shape has been a trademark of Logitech for quite a while so the shape and feel is something people recognize and feel comfortable with. So if you are looking for a gaming mouse with great performance but have an older Logitech that you like and don’t want to get used to a new mouse, this is the option for you.

Otherwise its still a great option since it offers comfort durability and it also offers a lot of functionality typical of much more expensive mice.

Standard Retail: $69.99 (Ain’t too shabby…)

What we liked:

  • Secure layout
  • New grip material avoids slipping
  • Enhanced 5700 DPI laser tracking
  • Fair value (a lot more than fair when on sale)
  • Good durability, long warranty
  • On-the-fly DPI switching
  • Highly customizable
  • Weight cartridge
  • Superb placement on 10 programmable buttons

What we disliked:

Well, a lot of people don’t like it for weird good reasons… (read below)


There’s a lot to really enjoy concerning the G500, which replaced the aged Logitech G5. According to the reviews of people who have really bought the mouse, this is 1 from the highest-rated merchandise we’ve observed.

Compared on the older G5, a couple of points have changed. Most importantly, the aged 2000 DPI engine got a key overhaul, and now tracks an incredible 5700 max DPI, meaning it can proceed as fast as your control will allow. Second, the grip was altered slightly to let the thumb to rest much more comfortably within the left side of the mouse. Third, much more buttons were additional and repositioned, making them both effortless and incredibly difficult to mis-click.

You will discover also some new functions, much like the 2-mode scroll wheel, which permits you to scroll in either standard mode or “free” mode. Totally free mode is my private favorite. You are able to precede a modest amount to go up several lines, or it is possible to give it a flick and view it spin for numerous pages. I’ve quite much stopped clicking scroll bars such as the 1 around the proper of this page.

Possibly essentially the most controversial adjust was towards content. Older Logitech mice have a very smooth type of experience on the grip. The problem was that this created peoples’ hands sweat, causing the mouse to have slippery and gross feeling. The new substance is like a rubbery sandpaper. It’s rather comfy, not or abrasive in any way, and leads to much less perspiration and gives a superior grip. I guess some individuals have a very “thing” about textures that aren’t smooth.

By default the mouse is turned down to a lower sensitivity setting, but you are able to customize up to five DPI in SetPoint. This is 100% customizable, so please understand that any person who says it “moves the cursor as well fast/slow” has no idea what they are carrying out. Moreover to changing speed settings, the software program means that you can record and edit macros, then plan them to some set button in case you desire.


Mouse settings recommendation

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Okay now that you have a top of the line gaming mouse, let’s get it to perform it’s best with a simple trick:

So, the DPI (Dots Per Inch) specifies how many dots or pixels on your screen the mouse pointer moves for every inch you move the mouse with your hand, so it means more or less the sensitivity.

Now, you can change this directly from the settings software most gaming mice provide, but there is also a mouse sensitivity setting in almost every game, so why?

Okay so the sensitivity setting affects how fast the pointer gets to point a to point b related to how it normally moves, so it doesn’t really create any relation between your hand and the game directly unlike the DPI setting.

This can be DEVASTATING to your gaming since it brings up a problem called “frame skipping”, which means basically that in order to get the pointer from A to B faster, the game decides that it should just jump from frame to frame instead of showing up in every single frame, of course our eyes don’t really notice the difference BUT if your enemy just happened to come across your cross-hairs at that moment and you pulled the trigger, you would just barely hit him.

so the solution for this is to simply set the sensitivity in your game really low and compensate with the DPI setting from your mouse, as a thumb rule set it to at least 1600 DPI which is a standard value for high performance gaming, you’ll notice your mouse feels much smoother just by doing this and you’ll be making the most out of your new gaming mouse.


about the mouse pad

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If yo’re the kind of gamer that likes to see good performance then you get a great computer, good specs (a good video card, a lot of ram, latest processor and all that.), but also everything else like the mouse for example, which when you look at the essence of it, (bear with my description for a second) it’s just a round plastic object with a flat base that slides on top of a surface, and when you look at it like this it becomes obvious just how huge a part this surface represents, and there is a secret to that.
And I will share it with you… This can be genuinely wonderful. Think about, your precision, and rate inside match doubling over night! Visualize each of the times you were killed just because your mouse didn’t react rapidly sufficient, or which means you consider. There can be a key ingredient which will make your mouse much a great deal quicker. So what is this magic formula ingredient?

It truly is…

Get a huge, qualified mouse pad! Why you ask? Well, the magic formula to velocity, in on-line video games as in offline video games, is within the swing. Take golf for instance. For your longest shot, you must just let the swing go each of the way as a result of, not stopping it with the lack of space. Exact same while using gaming mouse. In case your mouse pad is too tiny, you are going to subconsciously slow your movements down, losing your rate.

But ahead of you get a large professional mouse pad, do me a favor:

1. Save up some money

2. Record your recent rating, and create down your frustrations

Warning: Will not neglect the above points. A big specialist mouse pad will charge some money. You cannot get one for 5 bucks. Plus, the adjustments that will increase your online game will likely be subtle and possibly gradual, so do your greatest to track your progress. That way you may know when your online game has been enhanced for good.